Rapid H20 EP™

Rapid H20 EP™ is a fast-cure water-based epoxy offering superior build, durability and no VOCs. Available in both a clear and pre-pigmented form, it is ideally suited for use as a primer, mid-coat or top-coat in a variety of commercial or industrial flooring applications. This unique formulation has absolutely no installation odor with simple water clean up, making it a safe and easy to use alternative to traditional solvent based coatings. 

Mix Ratio & Packaging
  • 3-gallon kit reduced with water to 4 gallons
  • Packaging: 2-gal part A in 5-gal pail, 1-gal pigmented part B
  • Advantages: 
  • 0-VOC, No Odor
  • 3-4 hour dry time 
  • Easy to use 45 minute working time  
  • Applications:
  • Clear grout coat 
  • Low odor applications
  • Pigmented solid color floors
  • Downloads: 
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Color Card