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Rapid H20™ EP

Thick-Build Water-Based Epoxy

Rapid H20™ EP is one of the most exciting water-based epoxies available today. It is truly a next-generation floor coating with several unique benefits that make it ideally suited for many types of commercial & residential applications. A 0-VOC material, Rapid H2O™ EP is available in both clear and pre-pigmented standard colors.

Unlike other water-based epoxy primers, Rapid H2O™ EP is applied thick, up to 20-mils, providing an excellent base coat to receive chip or quartz aggregates. It has a long 45 minute working time and is dry to walk on within 3 hours. As it cures, it tightens up to leave a durable surface that may be used as a stand-alone finish or top-coated with any one of our epoxy or urethane topcoats. This unique formulation has absolutely no installation odor and offers simple water clean up, making it a safe and easy to use alternative to traditional solvent based coatings. 

    1. Mix Ratio: 2 Parts A to 1 Part B, reduced with 1-gallon of water
    2. 3-gallon kit reduced with water to 4 gallons
    3. Clear or pre-pigmented
    1. Thick build application up to 20 mils
    2. 0-VOC and NO odor
    3. fast dry times
    4. Excellent base coat for chip or quartz
    1. Technical Data Sheet
    2. Color Card