Industrial Line Stripe Coating System

Resinwerks Stripe Kit SafetyYellowRS 2000x
Resinwerks Stripe Kit SafetyYellowGS 2000x
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Resinwerks Stripe Kit Lock Down 2000x
Resinwerks Stripe Kit Traffic Lock Down Clear 2000x

Safety Line Stripes Made Easy

The Resinwerks Stripe Kit System was designed for heavy traffic commercial and industrial settings requiring high performance safety and traffic markings. These fast-drying materials offer installers an efficient, high performance solution that may be used in conjunction with Resinwerks resinous flooring systems. Available in 6 standard safety and traffic colors with custom colors available. 

The Resinwerks stripe kit system consists of a 3-step process: 

  1. Following tape application, clear Lock-Down is applied along tape seams to "lock-in" tape and prevent bleed.
  2. This is followed by a single coat of our proprietary pigmented stripe resin material with the color of your choosing. Custom safety colors are also available.
  3. A final clear seal coat is applied over the pigmented stripe and the tape is pulled.

Product Specs

  • Clear "Lock-Down" and Sealer Kit: 4 1-qt units; mix ratio 1 part A to 1 part B
  • Pigmented Stripe Kit: 96oz (.75 gal) Part A, two 32oz (.25-gal) part B; mix ratio 3 parts A to 2 parts B
  • Coverage: 600 Linear ft per kit @ 4" wide


  • Single-Coat 100% color opacity
  • Suitable for use over concrete or existing coatings
  • System eliminates potential for bleed under

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