Urethane Topcoats

Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Urethane Topcoats

Resinwerks™ offers a complete line of high performance topcoats that provide owners with long-term durability and stain resistance. These systems can be adjusted to provide for varying degrees of traction and are engineered to be used as a topcoat over most resinous floor coating systems. Available in both high gloss and satin finishes, our topcoats will help to compliment and protect any environment for years to come.

Resinwerks urethane coatings include a highly chemical resistant polyester fortified urethane for use in applications subject to chemical attack. HDC 100™ combines tiny, highly durable aggregates with a high performance moisture-cured urethane to provide for industry-leading durability. Finally, water-based urethanes offer a highly functional wear surface that is ideal for high-traffic, interior flooring applications.