Showroom Flooring

Resinwerks metallic flooring systems suspend automotive-grade metallic pigments within high-performance, water-clear epoxy and polyaspartic coatings to provide a spectacular finish that can be customized for any setting. A perfect selection for commercial environments and retail showrooms, decorative metallic flooring offers a truly one of a kind floor system that your customers will remember. 

Homeowners may also improve the value of their home with metallic garage floor coatings that can be customized to match any setting. 

Single or multiple metallic colors may be used depending on the desired finish. Once applied, metallic epoxy coatings may be modified in a number of ways to achieve a variety of striking finishes. The system is completed with a Resinwerks premium high-performance urethane topcoat to provide for a long-lasting finish. Metallic flooring from Resinwerks is available in 12 standard colors with custom colors available upon request.

Metallic flooring in supermarket

Metallic Flooring System Design

For metallic epoxy flooring, the quality of the final finish is largely the result of the installer's artistic ability and their level of experience. In addition, the lighting within the space itself plays a huge roll into the look and visible color spectrum manifested in the coating itself. 

Metallic floor coating systems typically incorporate a black primer to help provide as much contrast as possible within the metallic coat itself. Following the primer, metallic pigments are suspended and given ample opportunity to wet out in a clear binder resin. For this step, we typically specify our TrueClear EP cycloaliphatic epoxy. This is a highly refined water-clear epoxy that will provide for superior flow and metallic effect.

Once applied, the metallic epoxy may be modified either mechanically or chemically to create unique decorative effects. Additional colors may also be incorporated to help accent the floor. Once cured, the metallic epoxy coat is sanded and top-coated with one of our performance urethane topcoats. Available in a gloss or satin finish, urethane topcoats provide for a highly durable wear surface and improved traction. 

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