Bio-Cem™ TC

Bio-Cem™ TC is a polyurethane concrete based top-coat application designed to go over Bio-Cem™ MonoFloor slurry applications. It may also be used as a primer for slurry or cove-base applications or as a standalone coating in certain circumstances. It offers an attractive matte finish and is resistant to fungi growth per ASTMG-21.

As a top-coat for urethane concrete, Bio-CEM™ TC provides food & beverage and industrial environments with a durable and seamless wear surface that will stand up to hot water pressure and steam cleaning. This polyurethane concrete flooring topcoat provides superior resistance to oleic acids, bleach, enzymatic cleaners and a host of other harsh chemicals. 




Product Technical Specifications

Features and Benefits

  • Resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack
  • Seamless, hygienic finish
  • Attractive flat finish
  • Fast, low-odor and VOC free installation

Product Technical Specifications

  • Kit includes 1/2 gal part A, 1/2 gal part B and 1 bag part C filler
  • Coverage: 110 Sq.ft. per kit
  • Pigment: UC Powder pigments: black, tan, grey, dark grey, brick red and             green

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National Brazilian Steakhouse Chain

Commercial kitchens present flooring systems with significant long-term performance challenges. Food production floors are subject to constant chemical attack from grease, aggressive chemicals, and a host of cleaning solutions.


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