Polyurethane Concrete 

The Bio-Cem™ polyurethane concrete system from Resinwerks utilizes the very latest in green-friendly raw material technology. These bio-based flooring systems provide floors with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals as well as mechanical and thermal shock. Bio-Cem™ is engineered for fast-turn around with performance suited for the most demanding applications, including slabs with elevated moisture vapor emissions.

Bio-Cem™ is widely used in applications such as food & beverage manufacturing, breweries and commercial kitchens. Our system consists of a thick-build polyurethane concrete slurry, easy-to-install self-leveling slurry, urethane concrete topcoat and cove base mortar for vertical applications. All materials may also be topcoat with any resinwerks urethane or polyaspartic topcoat.

resinwerks bio cem urethane cement slurry kit
resinwerks bio cem urethane cement sl kit
resinwerks bio cem urethane cement cove base kit
resinwerks bio cem urethane cement topcoat

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