Rapid H20 EP

Fast-Cure Primer & Broadcast Coat

Resinwerks™ Rapid H20 EP represents the very latest in water-based concrete coating technology. With virtually no odor and zero VOCs, this unique material demonstrates outstanding adhesion to concrete and excellent long-term color stability. Rapid H2O EP features a dry-time of 60-90 minutes in standard conditions, making it an excellent selection for fast turn-around applications. 

With a viscosity and consistency of a high-flow 100% solids epoxy, Rapid H2O EP does an excellent job receiving flake broadcasts. It's unique "flat flake" technology snap cures after 25-30 minutes, evacuating latent water from the system and pulling the flake in tight to the substrate. The result is a remarkably even and consistent broadcast that reduces scrape time while optimizing topcoat yield.  Available in clear as well as all standard pre-pigmented colors, Rapid H2O™ EP is an odor-free and easy to use alternative to traditional solvent based coatings.

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Features and Benefits

  • Thick build application up to 16 mils (wft) and 8 mils (dft) mils
  • 0-VOC and no odor
  • Economical 4-gallon mix (reduced) 
  • Superior adhesion (500+ PSI) and UV stability
  • Fast dry times
  • Excellent base coat for flake systems
  • Easy to use, fast-cure base coat in hot and humid applications 
  • Ideal base-coat for Resinwerks Simerrazzo™ (simulated terrazzo) flake systems

Product Technical Specifications

  • Mix Ratio: 2 Parts-A to 1 Part-B, reduced with 1-part water
  • 3-gallon kit reduced with water to 4 total gallons
  • Available in Clear or pre-pigmented standard colors: Cloud Grey, Smoke Grey, Owl Grey, Buff, White, and Black

Product Technical Data

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