Bio-Cem™ SL

resinwerks bio cem urethane cement sl kit

Bio-Cem™ SL

Bio-Cem™ SL is a medium duty self-leveling polyurethane concrete application that is applied at a thickness of 1/8" and may be broadcast and top-coated to achieve any number of desired finishes. It withstands moderate thermal shock and provides for resistance to concrete moisture vapor emissions, impact and chemical attack.

It is widely used to help level badly damaged floors and provides owners with a highly durable subsurface for any range of resinous and commercial flooring alternatives. It is widely used in food & beverage along with commercial and industrial flooring applications. 

Product Specs

  • Kit includes 1/2 gal part A, 1/2 gal part B and 1 bag part C filler
  • Coverage: 26 Sq.ft. per kit
  • Available in single kits, 5-gal, drum and tote quantities
  • Pigment: UC Powder pigments: black, tan, grey dark grey, brick red and green


  • Resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack
  • Seamless, hygienic finish
  • Easy to work with self-leveling finish
  • Fast, low-odor and VOC free installation

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