Joint & Cove Binder

Semi-Rigid Epoxy Joint Filler

Resinwerks™ Joint & Cove Binder is a 2-component, 100% solids semi-rigid epoxy joint filler for concrete floors. It provides the rigidity necessary to withstand heavy point load traffic while retaining an element of flexibility over the life of the installation. Joint & Cove Binder provides superior mechanical functionality when compared to polyurea or polyurethane joint fillers.

Unlike polyurea joint-fill materials, Joint & Cove Binder will not swell over time. It is suitable for use in numerous types of applications including saw cuts and construction joints where the protection of joints is required. It may also be used as a crack repair material. 




Features and Benefits

  • Rapid Set Time
  • Will not become brittle
  • High tensile strength

Product Technical Specifications

  • Mix Ratio: 1 Part A to 1 Part B
  • Packaging: 2-Gallon Kits

Product Technical Specifications

Concrete Repair & Cove


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