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Resinwerks offers a wide variety of commercial and industrial floor coating systems engineered to fit your requirements. Systems are constructed utilizing a variety of epoxy, urethane, polyaspartic and polyurethane concrete coatings. Resinwerks systems have been perfected over a number of years to provide you with long-lasting concrete protection and minimal maintenance.

Our line of floor coating systems incorporates everything from solid color and chip floors to seamless quartz and decorative metallic flooring. Whatever your requirements, Resinwerks can help you create a highly customizable finish that will compliment your space. Have questions or interested in designing a system for your next project? Please contact us today.

Solid Color Floor Coatings

Resinwerks solid color floor coatings provide superior long-term durability and are designed for commercial and industrial applications. Available in up to 16 standard colors with both high gloss and satin finishes, these systems offer building owners and facilities managers an economical yet highly functional concrete coating solution.

solid color warehouse floor coating resinwerks

Chip/Flake Broadcast Floor Coatings

Chip broadcast applications incorporate blended vinyl flake aggregates for a unique variegated finish. These easy to maintain systems are an ideal selection for both residential garage floor coatings as well as commercial heavy-traffic floors.

Chip / Flake broadcast floor in car dealership service area

Seamless Quartz Floor Coatings

Quartz systems incorporate multiple layers of blended colored quartz aggregate within a resin matrix that are then grouted and top-coated with UV stable coatings to ensure long-term performance. Resinwerks quartz floors are commonly used where both aesthetics and performance are required.

Decorative Metallic Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring systems provide for a truly unique and exciting floor finish that is sure to enhance any environment. Ideal for showrooms or other retail settings, Metallic Epoxy provides for incredible color depth and range. These systems are constructed using the latest in metallic pigment technology with one or multiple colors suspended in water-clear epoxy binders. Systems can be manipulated in a number of ways to provide for striking color effects and reflectivity. 

brown metallic floor coating

Polyurethane Concrete Systems

Polyurethane concrete (also referred to as urethane cement or urethane mortar) systems represent the ultimate in industrial coating performance. Suitable for environments such as Brewery Flooring & Commercial Kitchens, these applications provide significant resistance to impact and thermal shock.

Bio-Cem™ polyurethane concrete systems are typically installed with an integral perimeter cove base and provide for a completely seamless anti-microbial finish that withstands chemical attack from common enzymatic cleaning agents and oleic acid. 

Brick Red Urethane Cement Floor Coating in Industrial Kitchen

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