Animal Care Floor Coatings

Seamless, hygienic flooring for today's animal care facility.

According to the latest research from The World Animal Foundation, as of 2023-2024, 86.9 Million US Households Owns a Pet, which accounts for 66%. This represents nearly a 60% jump over the previous 30-years. To keep up with this exciting and growing trend, the number of animal care facilities has increased substantially. Veterinary clinics, doggy day cares, and pet groomers are striving to offer the best possible service and atmosphere for their customers. At Resinwerks, our animal healthcare and wellness flooring systems incorporate the same components and design characteristics of our human healthcare applications.  

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Sanitary Floor Coatings

For animals especially, proper floor cleanliness is absolutely critical to limiting the spread of infection. Seamless flooring systems from Resinwerks™ provide animal facility owners with a highly durable flooring solution that can be easily maintained.

These systems may be fortified with anti-microbial additives to provide a functional floor that helps to limit the spread of harmful microbes. Performance topcoats from Resinwerks are fully resistant to uric acid, strong cleaning chemicals, and other products common to these applications.

A VOC-Free Environment

Animal facilities are especially sensitive to harmful emissions emitted from coatings, lacquers and even interior architectural paints. Resinwerks helps to promote a safe, VOC-free environment by only specifying materials that are VOC-free and emit no harmful materials. All products used have been 3rd party tested to meet compliance requirements as per California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.2, 2017.They are also eligible for US Green Building Council LEED points for qualifying projects.  


Flooring Maintenance in Animal Facilities

In addition to offering adequate chemical resistance, floor coatings for vet clinics and doggy daycares must be easily cleaned. As such, owners need to strike the right balance between proper slip coefficients and installing a floor that is too rough to be properly maintained.

At Resinwerks we have developed animal facility specific flooring systems that incorporate varying degrees of traction additives while also offering satin and matte finishes. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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Smart Dog Dallas

Smart Dog Dallas is a premium doggie day-care facility located just outside of downtown Dallas. Their unique approach is rooted in a mission, “to provide dogs with a safe, happy and healthy environment that they will love every day.” This owner operated facility offers daycare, boarding, grooming, and more! 


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Resinwerks offers a variety of floor coating systems that can be engineered with numerous products depending on the needs of your application. Download our free system guide to learn more. 


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