Bio-Cure Epoxy

Bio-Cure epoxy (BCE) is a plant-based 100% solids epoxy primer that provides a green-friendly alternative to traditional primers. BCE reduces the use of carbon-based raw materials while emitting 0-VOCs and drying faster than standard epoxies. It provides excellent hydrophobicity & water resistance; exhibiting above average adhesion over lightly-contaminated surfaces.

Mix Ratio & Packaging
  • Mix Ratio: 1 Part A to 1 Part B by volume
  • 10-Gal or 2-Gal kits
  • Clear or pigmented 
  • Advantages: 
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Fast-drying, even at lower temps
  • Green-friendly
  • Applications:
  • Heavy-duty primer
  • Bio-Based resinous flooring
  • Downloads: 
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Color Card