Bio-Cure EP 1100

Bio-Cure EP 1100 is a plant-based 100% solids epoxy primer that provides a green-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based epoxy primers. Bio-Cure 1100 reduces the use of carbon-based raw materials while emitting 0-VOCs and drying faster than standard epoxies. It provides excellent hydrophobicity & water resistance. It also exhibits above average adhesion over lightly-contaminated surfaces.

It is ideally suited as a primer for larger commercial and industrial applications requiring an easy to use and cost-effective floor coating primer. It can be used as a base coat for solid color, chip broadcast, seamless quartz or even metallic flooring systems. Kits are available in a range of sizes and colors. depending on the application. 

    1. Mix Ratio: 1 Part A to 1 Part B
    2. Packaging: 2-Gallon and 10-gallon Kits
    3. Available in clear or pigmented
    1. Superior Adhesion & Hydrophobicity
    2. Green-Friendly, Plant Based Floor Coating
    3. Low Temperature Cure Capabilities
    1. Technical Data Sheet
    2. Color Card
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