Auto Dealership Flooring

Auto Service Bay Drive Up Floor Coating

Auto Dealership Floor Coatings

Car dealership flooring systems span a wide variety of applications and need to satisfy a number of aesthetic and performance requirements. The floors throughout an automotive facility can range from service area drive up lanes and mechanical bays to retail areas such as the parts department and showroom floors. Resinwerks offers a complete line of beautiful long-lasting floor coating systems for such areas.

Auto shop bays are highly susceptible to damage from impact and chemical attack. In addition to constant vehicular traffic, floors must be engineered to withstand shocks from tools and equipment dropping on them. Alternatively, car and truck service lanes must provide customers with adequate traction, even in wet situations. Drive up service lanes often provide customers with their initial impression of a dealership and proper maintenance of these areas is critical. Resinwerks systems can be modified with varying levels of traction aggregates to provide the right balance of traction and clean-ability. 

Truck Body being repaired on floor coating

Impact & Chemical Resistant Flooring

Impact Resistant Floor Coating Graphic with primer, mid coat and topcoat
  • Primer: Resinwerks impact resistant coatings are built with epoxy,polyaspartic, and polyurethane concrete primers that provide for high levels of adhesion and will not pop-off when struck. These moisture tolerant primers provide the foundation required for an impact resistant coating matrix.
  • Mid Coat: Following the primer, an aggregate is incorporated within the second coat, whether by trowel or broadcast to help disperse the kinetic energy related to heavy impacts, and high point-load forces.
  • Top Coat: From there the floor is grouted and top-coated with a high performance and chemical resistant topcoat. Performance topcoats from Resinwerks are fully resistant to oil, grease, brake fluid and many other chemicals common to auto service facilities.