Seamless Heavy-Traffic Floor Coatings

Solid color flooring systems are among the most widely used for heavy-traffic commercial & industrial flooring applications. These systems can be designed in a number of ways to achieve varying levels of thickness, impact and chemical resistance. In addition to our 12-standard colors and 5-safety colors, Resinwerks has the ability for on-demand color matching in any of our epoxy or urethane pigments. Wear surface texture can be easily adjusted to achieve specified traction coefficients and all materials are available in anti-microbial additives - ideal for Healthcare and Food & Beverage applications.    

At Resinwerks, we work directly with facility managers to engineer systems that exhibit the functional performance and aesthetics to meet the needs of their application. Most of our systems are completely VOC-Free and can be installed and returned to service in as little as a single day. Installed by one of our trusted contractor partners or your capable maintenance team, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure a high quality finish. 

Solid Color Floor Coatings

Solid-color flooring appications span a wide spectrum and include everything from light duty shop floors and warehousing to heavy-traffic industrial environments. At Resinwerks we can help you build a floor coating  that meets your project's requirements by using the correct materials for your installation parameters and budget. 

Most solid-color applications consist of a primer coat that may or may not incorporate an epoxy moisture mitigation system. This is followed by a mid-coat for added build & Impact resistance. The application is then top-coated with any one of our performance urethane top-coats or polyasparticsfor improved UV stability, chemical resistance and durability. 

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