Floor Coating Pigments

Consistent Color with Superior Opacity

Resinwerks offers a complete line of dedicated epoxy, urethane and polyaspartic pigment systems. Our color spectrum spans 12 standard colors with 5 additional safety/traffic colors. In addition, our database of over 8,000 off-catalog colors provides us the ability to quickly match custom color match requests. All pigments provide for a high-quality, consistent finish that will exhibit superior color opacity with just a single coat.

Suitable for use in all 100% solids epoxies, epoxy colors are available in either a pre-pigmented or pigment pack form. Urethane pigments were designed to be post added during the mixing process, eliminating the need for separate clear and pigment base formulas. Engineered to be used in both Urethanes and Polyaspartics, urethane pigments provide contractors with a versatile pigmentation system without the burden of having to carry extra inventory.