Bio-Cem™ Monofloor Slurry

resinwerks bio cem urethane cement slurry kit

Bio-Cem™ Monofloor Slurry

Bio-Cem™ MonoFloor™ Slurry is a heavy-duty polyurethane concrete application that is applied at a thickness of 3/16" and may be broadcast with sand to a final thickness of 1/4". It offers superior resistance to impact, thermal shock and moisture vapor emissions. MonoFloor™ Slurry may be installed with either a Bio-Cem™ TC topcoat or any other Resinwerks urethane top-coat.

It is an ideal selection for environments experiencing heavy traffic or high levels of thermal shock. Common applications include Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Breweries and Commercial Kitchens. Bio-Cem MF™ offers a lightly textured, non-slip surface that is completely seamless and will no break down as a result of eleic acids generated from common enzymatic cleaners. 

Product Specs

  • Kit includes 1/2 gal part A, 1/2 gal part B and 1 bag part C filler
  • Coverage: 21 Sq.ft. per kit
  • Available in single kits, 5-gal, drum and tote sizes
  • Pigment: UC Powder pigments: black, tan, grey dark grey, brick red and green


  • Resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack
  • Seamless, hygienic finish
  • High impact resistance
  • Moisture Vapor Emission Tolerant

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