Kinetic® 85

85% Solids Polyaspartic Coating

Resinwerks™ Kinetic 85 is an 85% solids polyaspartic coating that can be used as a base, mid, or topcoat in a variety of resinous flooring applications requiring a fast-curing product. Kinetic 85 is extremely user-friendly and provides for excellent resistance to hot-tire pickup.  

Kinetic 85 is completely UV stable and provides superior resistance to chemicals and abrasion. This material is offered in clear form or may be pigmented with any Resinwerks™ Universal Pigments. 

For applications in especially hot and humid environments, Kinetic 85 "Slow Set" should be substituted for standard Kinetic 85. 



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Features and Benefits

  • Excellent working time
  • Available in a standard cure version as well as a Slow Set version
  • < 100 VOC formulation
  • Superior abrasion resistance & flexibility
  • UV Stable topcoat

Product Technical Specifications

  • Mix Ratio: 1 Part-A to 1 Part-B
  • 2-gallon or 10-gallon kits
  • Available in standard cure or "Slow-Set" versions
  • Available in Clear, or with optional post-add Resinwerks Universal Pigments

Product Technical Data

Polyaspartic Coatings


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