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Polished Terrazzo
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Simulated Polished Terrazzo Flooring

Resinwerks Simerrazzo™ Flooring System offers a vibrant and contemporary finish that closely resembles real polished terrazzo flooring. This system is ideal for situations where a value-engineered equivalent to a terrazzo finish is required. This system may be installed for reduced expense and within shorter timeframe.

Simerrazzo systems are available in six designer-curated Resinwerks Simerrazzo blends with the capability to adjust colors and sheen. Blends are infinitely customizable and can incorporate a host of reflective and translucent aggregates to simulate a wide range of decorative terrazzo finishes. 
All products used within this system are fully compliant with the California Department of Health Air Quality version 1.2 for VOC emissions and are eligible for the following green building certifications:
  • USGBC LEED Version 4/4.1 BD&C, ID&C, Residential BD&C Multifamily
  • the WELL Building Standard, WELL V2, Feature X06
  • ANSI/GBI 01-2019 Green Globes Assessment Protocol


Simerrazzo System Design

The Simerrazzo Flooring System from Resinwerks can be built in a variety of ways to suit both the requirements of the environment and the parameters of the installation. In general, the system will always consist of a primer, specialized "Simerrazzo" aggregate broadcast, grout coat, build coat, and topcoat.

Key to the Simerrazzo system is the Resinwerks zero-VOC Rapid H20 EP broadcast coat. This material features unique "flat-flake" technology that pulls flake down, offering incredible color depth while highlighting reflective metallic and bright translucent aggregates.

The system is the grouted with a highly-refined 100% solids water-clear epoxy and finished with a hi-wear urethane in either a semi-gloss or satin finish. In situations requiring protection from elevated moisture vapor emission rates, Resinwerks 100% solids Vapor Barrier Epoxy should be used as a primer. 

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Seamless Simerrazzo flooring system designed for applications that desire the vibrance and contemporary style of simulated terrazzo flooring. Featuring a zero-VOC water reducible epoxy broadcast coat and a high-traffic urethane topcoat. 


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