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Product Development & Manufacturing

Resinwerks™ systems utilize decades of industrial coating formulation and manufacturing experience to exceed the standards of today’s resinous floor professionals. We have engineered our epoxies, polyurethanes and polyaspartic coatings to be safer to work with while minimizing installation schedules and improving long-term durability.

Many of our products feature next-generation plant and water-based elements that perform remarkably better than traditional coatings. These materials also significantly reduce a project’s carbon footprint. For our clients, this means less hazardous emissions, better results and superior long-term performance.

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Manufacturing capabilities

Resinwerks is fortunate to have some of the leading minds in the industry helping to improve our products and foster innovation. We manufacture all of our own products and maintain a database of countless other coating formulas for various specialty applications. 

If you are in need of a trustworthy supplier for a specific project application, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


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Reduced Emissions

Our product line was designed from the ground up to focus on the very latest in environmentally conscious resins and additives. We have made significant advancements in effectively substituting water for harsh solvents, making them safer to use and better for our environment. The result? Over 90% of our products are voc-free and the remaining products are fully voc-compliant throughout North America.


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Fast & Convenient Shipping

Resinwerks ships out of three convenient fulfillment centers located in Colorado, the Upper Midwest and Boston, MA. These distributed fulfillment locations allow us to ship all orders quickly to your location while dramatically reducing freight costs. Orders can be placed via phone, online, email or text and status updates are provided every step of the way via email or text.

Service & Support

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a resinous coating manufacturer and have great respect for the level of trust extended to your suppliers. At Resinwerks, we consider our clients as partners and take great care to ensure their continued success. We offer comprehensive training, free product demonstrations and onsite technical support. Put our over 40+ years of resinous flooring experience to use and advance your business.

Sustainability Commitment


Recyclable packaging

We have made significant investments into recyclable packaging and where possible, have curtailed the use of plastic completely. Furthermore, we have implemented a dedicated waste reduction & recycling program with our key contractor partners to help ensure that packaging is re-used and recycled on an ongoing basis.


Plant based

Companies of all types area continuing to search for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and shift from traditional petroleum-based products to non-fossil fuel alternatives. For some of our products, we have successfully incorporated plant-based raw materials in lieu of oil-based products without increasing cost. Interestingly enough, we have found the plant-based systems to outperform the petroleum-based products in areas such as adhesion, water resistance and cure schedules. These products offer specifiers, building owners and contractors alike an opportunity to incorporate high-performing green products into their systems at a competitive price.

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Ben Grier

Co-Founder, NACE CIP #075293

Ben has over 18-years of resinous flooring experience with an emphasis on product management and system design. He works closely with specifiers to develop systems that meet the needs of their application. A NACE Level 1 Coatings Inspector, Ben also oversees operations at our new Northeast Sales & Distribution center.

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David Schneider

Co-Founder, NACE CIP #31010

For the past 20-years, David has been focused on the development and manufacturing of high-performance floor coatings. He was one of the very first to introduce polyaspartic coating technology to the flooring space and has continued to create some of the most unique materials in the industry. David is a NACE Level 2 Coatings Inspector and manages our headquarters in Denver, CO.

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Mike Brents

Business Development Manager

A long-time resinous flooring professional, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to Resinwerks. He began his career focused on industrial resinous flooring with positions at STONHARD, BASF and others. He is a former construction superintendent with a keen understanding of the intricacies associated with large scale industrial coating applications. Mike is based in Houston, TX.

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Trever Martin
Jeff Klepser

Trever Martin

Logistics Manager

Trever oversees operations and logistics for Resinwerks. He helps to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled quickly and shipped via the most efficient freight routes. Operating out of the Denver facility.


Lori Stouffer

Accounting Administrator

Lori manages accounting at Resinwerks and supervises all financial-related activities with our vendors and clients.

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Jeff Klepser

Client Training & Tech Service

Jeff is a long-time installer and true expert on all types of resinous flooring product installations. He travels throughout North America to serve as a trainer and technical resource. Jeff unites his passion for coaching with expert resinous flooring installation skills to be an invaluable resource to Resinwerks customers.


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Taylor Gimbert

Director of Operations

Taylor oversees all of operations at Resinwerks spanning over 3 facilities across the United States. He is based in Fremont, IN at our primary manufacturing and distribution center where he oversees production, inventory management and logistics.  


Jason Williams

Sales Manager - Denver

Jason manages sales for our customers serviced by our Denver, Colorado sales and distribution center. He has an extensive background in surface prep and resinous floor coating sales and distribution.


Jillian Duclos

Sales Order Coordinator

Jillian handles all order processing for Resinwerks while also serving as our credit manager. She assists with countless other daily customer facing duties including estimate requests, marketing fulfillment and providing samples to architects. 


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