Rapid H2O Polyurethane

Water-Based Urethane Topcoat

Resinwerks Rapid H2O PU™ is a water-based polyurethane topcoat that is ideal for interior applications requiring low-odor and low-VOC installation. Available in either a clear gloss or satin finish, Rapid H2O PU™ is easily applied as a topcoat over heavy-traffic applications. This unique material provides protection comparable to traditional solvent-based sealers without the associated odor and VOCs.

Rapid H2O™ PU is utilized as a topcoat over resinous flooring applications such as seamless chip systems, metallic floor coatings and solid-color applications. The satin finish Rapid H2O™ PU It is widely used in healthcare and animal clinic facilities due to low sheen and chemical resistance capabilities. RapidH2O™ PU may also be formulated with anti-microbial pigments that help to inhibit the spread of bacteria. 

    1. Mix Ratio: 4 Parts A to 1 Part B by volume
    2. 1.25-gallon kits
    3. Gloss or Satin Finish
    1. Superior durability & chemical resistance
    2. Low-VOC, water based material
    3. Non-Yellowing, UV Stable
    4. Excellent top-coat for decorative concrete
    1. Technical Data Sheet
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