Chemical Resistant Urethane

chemical resistant urethane topcoat
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Industrial Urethane Floor Coating

Chemical Resistant Urethane (CRU) is a high-performance polyester fortified urethane topcoat designed for industrial applications. 

It is used in environments requiring a heavy-duty chemical resistant floor coating. Resinwerks Chemical Resistant Urethane is available in a clear form and may be pigmented with Resinwerks urethane pigments

Products Specs

  • Mix Ratio: 1 Part A to 1 Part B
  • Packaging: 2-Gallon Kits
  • Available in clear or pigmented (post add urethane pigment. 1 Qt per kit


  • UV Stable & Non-Yellowing
  • Excellent Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • Skyrdrol & Oleic Acid resistant

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