HDC 100™ Urethane Topcoat

HDC 100™ is a heavy-duty moisture-cured urethane top-coat system that incorporates an ultra-fine aggregate to provide maximum durability. Available in both clear and pigmented satin finish, it is our most widely used top-coat for heavy industrial applications. HDC 100 provides offers lightly textured finish that be used as a sealer-coat over any solid-color, chip or seamless quartz HDC 100™ is ideally suited for high-traffic applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities and retail centers. 

    1. 1.08-gal Kit includes part A, part B and part C Aggregate
    2. Mix full kit as packaged: Part A, Part B and Part C
    3. Pigment: 1-Pint Resinwerks Urethane Pigment per Kit
    1. Extremely high abrasion resistance
    2. UV Resistant, color-stable formula
    3. Easy to use with a long working time
    4. Lightly textured, satin finish
    1. Technical Data Sheet
    2. Color Card