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The Resinwerks team was among the early pioneers in the development and manufacturing of polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea floor coating technology. Nearly 20-years later, this innovation continues with the Kinetic™ line of polyaspartic floor coatings. Kinetic™ encompasses three unique fast-dry formulas that have been engineered for superior performance, ease of use, and minimal VOCs. These polyaspartic systems help ensure a premium finish by providing contractors with long working times and optimal flow viscosity - all without the use of harsh solvents and high VOCs. Interested in trying some out? Contact us today and we'd be happy to send you out a kit for your next project. 

Fast Cure without the Hassle

Resinwerks Kinetic™ polyaspartic coatings are ideal for rapid return to service applications requiring superior long-term performance. Our line was developed to offer contractors complete control over their projects with environmentally-friendly low-VOC polyaspartics that provide for long working times and leveling capabilities. What this means for you is minimal installation odor and a consistent finish, free of roller marks and other inconsistencies.

- Kinetic™  - low-voc solvent borne polyaspartic, <50 VOC. Superior working time with low installation odor that dissipates quickly.

- Kinetic™ HS - High Solids polyaspartic coating with minimal installation odor. Suitable for interior projects. 

-Kinetic™ SS - High Solids "slow set" polyaspartic, long working time; ideal for for use in hot and humid climates. 

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating

Long-Term Durability

The Kinetic line of polyaspartics provides owners with unparalleled long-term performance and the ability to customize flooring systems to suit their needs.  These unique materials are completely UV stable and unlike epoxies, will not amber or fade when exposed to the sun. Kinetic polyaspartics form a highly integral cross link bond that results in superior levels of adhesion, durability and chemical resistance.

Kinetic systems are ideally suited for a range of fast return to service applications including car dealership service areas, garage floor coatings and industrial manufacturing floors.  Available in clear or pigmented form, Kinetic Polyaspartics may be used to in all types of floor and wall coating systems. They are dry to walk-on in as little as one hour, with next-day full return to service. This means reduced down-time and greater efficiencies for your operation.

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