Epoxy Pigments

Epoxy Floor Coating Pigments

Resinwerk's™ Epoxy Pigments utilize high-quality industrial pigments to offer consistent and long-lasting color. They are to be dispersed into short-filled units of either the Bio-Cure™ epoxy primer or Level-Guard EP™ self-leveling epoxy and provide installers with an easy to use pigmentation system without the burden of significant pre-pigmented epoxy inventory. 

Epoxy pigments are available in all 12 standard Resinwerks colors. In addition, Resinwerks has the capability to match custom colors as needed in either a pigment pack or pre-pigmented epoxy format. 

    1. For Use in BioCure EP™ and LevelGuard EP™
    2. Packaging: 1 qt. units, 1.25-gallon units
    3. Available in 12 standard colors
    1. Excellent color opacity
    2. Suitable for all types of 100% solids epoxies
    3. Easy to use and disperse
    1. Color Card
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