Episeal 600 EP

Satin Finish Catalyzed Epoxy

Resinwerks™ Episeal 600 EP is a fast-drying, low odor, catalyzed epoxy suitable as a primer or finish coat for concrete, metal, or wood substrates. It provides excellent adhesion and can be used either as a primer or a 2 to 3 coat finished system over properly prepared concrete. It provides great weathering as well as abrasion and chemical resistance when used as a stand-alone system. Episeal 600 EP provides for a low-gloss satin finish.

A versatile waterborne epoxy, Episeal 600 EP can be used as a primer for resinous flooring or a standalone multi-coat finish system for industrial flooring. It's coverage rate (300 ft² / gallon @ 2-3 mils) provides for an economical system for a multitude of applications. 




Resinwerks Simerazzo Example
Episeal action shot

Features and Benefits

  • Long Working Time
  • Low-Gloss Satin Finish
  • Good Weathering
  • Excellent durability

Product Technical Specifications

  • Mix Ratio: 4 Parts A to 1 Part B
  • 1-Gallon & 1-Quart kit
  • Available in Clear

Product Technical Data

Epoxy Floor Coatings


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