Kinetic™ HS

High Solids Polyaspartic Coating

Kinetic™ HS is a high-solids polyaspartic coating that provides for a thicker build and minimal installation odor. It is ideal for interior applications requiring a fast turn-around with negligible solvent smell. Kinetic™ is extremely user-friendly for a high solids polyaspartic coating, with adequate working time and superior flow in climate controlled environments.

Kinetic™ HS is completely UV stable and suitable for use as a primer, mid, or top-coat in a variety of Resinwerks flooring systems. It maintains excellent impact resistance and provides for superior protection against abrasion and chemical attack. For applications in hot and humid environments, Kinetic™ HS should be substituted for Kinetic™ SS (slow-set) polyaspartic.

    1. Mix Ratio: 1 Part A to 1 Part B
    2. 6-gallon kits
    3. Pigment: Resinwerks urethane pigments for color
    1. Excellent High Solids Polyaspartic Working Time
    2. Low Odor, Low VOC formulation
    3. Superior abrasion resistance & Flexibility
    4. UV Stable top-coat
    1. Technical Data Sheet
    2. Color Card
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