Kinetic™ SS

High Humidity Polyaspartic Coating

Kinetic™ SS is a high-solids "slow-setting" polyaspartic coating designed for warmer environments and higher humidity. It is ideally suited for summertime use as well as in areas such as Florida and other southern climates. The "SS" or "Slow-Set" nature of this material provides for longer working times and more forgiving application characteristics compared to traditional polyaspartic coating materials. 

This UV stable top-coat is available in both clear and pigmented form. It provides for superior durability, flexibility and UV stable films that will not amber over time. Kinetic SS is not intended for us in dry or cool applications as cure schedules will be extended. 

    1. Mix Ratio: 2 Parts A to 1 Part B
    2. 3-gallon and 15-gallon kits
    3. Pigment: Resinwerks urethane pigments for color
    1. Excellent High Temperature & Humidity Polyaspartic Working Time
    2. Low Odor, < 50 VOC formulation
    3. Superior abrasion resistance & Flexibility
    4. UV Stable top-coat
    1. Technical Data Sheet
    2. Color Card
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