Level-Guard EP™

Self-Leveling 100% Solids Pigmented Epoxy

LevelGuard EP™ is a 100% solids self-leveling pigmented top-coat epoxy. Designed for commercial and industrial use, LevelGuard EP™ offers excellent long-term performance as a mid or top-coat epoxy It is easy to work with and ideal for larger projects requiring a uniform finish.

LevelGuard is engineered for maximum durability and may be used as a stand-alone wear surface without a topcoat. It should be used in conjunction with Resinwerks™ epoxy pigments at the recommended load rates.   

    1. Mix Ratio: 2 Parts A to 1 Part B
    2. 3-Gallon KIt: One 2.5-Gal Part A, One-Gal Part B and Two 1-Qt Epoxy Pigments (added to part A)
    3. 15-Gallon Kits: Two 3.75-Gal Part A's, One 5-Gal Part B, and Two 1.25-Gal Epoxy Pigments (added to part A)
    1. Superior Flow & Self-Leveling Properties
    2. Green-Friendly, VOC-Free Coating
    3. Excellent color stability & durability as a top-coat epoxy
    1. Technical Data Sheet
    2. Color Card
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