True Clear EP™

True-Clear Epoxy (TCE) is a highly refined, ultra-clear, Cycloaliphatic epoxy designed for use as a grout, mid and finish coat in any Resinwerks™ floor coating system. TCE low-ambering formulation provides excellent optical clarity and color stability. It contains 0-VOCs with minimal installation odor, making it an excellent choice for interior commercial and industrial applications.


  • Crystal-clear, low-ambering finish
  • Excellent flow and self-leveling finish
  • Low odor with 0-VOCs


  • Clear grout or top-coat over chip & quartz 
  • Metallic flooring
  • Ultra-clear mid-coats

Quick Facts:

  • Mix Ratio: 2-parts A to 1-part B by volume
  • Recommended thickness: 8-20 mils DFT