Resinwerks Master Installer (MI) Program


Highly Skilled Resinwerks Installation Professionals

What is a Resinwerks Master Installer (Resinwerks MI)?  
Resinwerks Master Installers (Resinwerks MI) are highly skilled resinous flooring professionals that specialize in floor coatings across a range of applications. The Resinwerks MI program provides owners, architects, and general contractors with a superior level of technical knowledge with a focus installation quality and long-term performance. 

Resinwerks Master Installer's (MI) Offer:  

  • National Account Support & Nationwide Installation
  • Expert technical understanding of substrate treatment & preparation
  • System Design & Project Scoping Assistance 
  • Dedicated Resinwerks Technical Support Partnership
  • High quality, consistent installations
  • Value Engineer Consulting   

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