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Resinwerks Featured on MotorTrend TV! 

A full installation of a seamless industrial flake system installed on the new set of MotorHead Garage. Application features our LevelGuard EP 100% solids epoxy, Kinetic HS Polyaspartic and new HDC 100 Satin Finish Urethane.  

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How to Apply a Base Coat and Broadcast Chip on Residential Garage Floors

When your job is staged and ready, it's time the base coat. We're using Rapid H20 EP, which is a high build...

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Cove Application & Joint Treatment

Applying a single component urethane caulk in the cove creates flexibility for the slab to move against the foundation while also creating a...

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Resinous Floor Systems Manufacturer

Our systems utilize decades of industrial coating formulation and manufacturing experience to exceed the standards of today’s resinous...


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Applying a Polyaspartic Topcoat to Residential Garage Floors

The topcoat we are applying in this video is the Resinwerks Kinetic HS high solids polyaspartic...

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Concrete Crack Repair

Our kinetic patch product is a one to one mix, use neat or with sand, dries in just 15 to 20 minutes and is completely odor free. Watch the repair process in this video.

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Preparing Concrete Surfaces for Resinous Floor Coatings

Surface preparation is going to vary project to project. Typically, installers will want to remove the top coating...

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How to Scrape and Clean a Broadcast Chip Floor - Residential Garage Floor Application

Once the base coat has cured, it's time to scape and clean up. Clean up the excess flake and reclaim it for...


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