Garage Floor Coating Systems From Resinwerks

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One-Day Garage Floors:

Resinwerks offers several high-performance garage floor coating systems that provide superior long-term performance while emitting almost no odor or harmful solvents. Our wide range of products allows contractors to install complete garage flooring systems that can be done in as little as one day - no matter the climate or time of year.  

What floor coatings work best in garages? 

Not all projects are the same and certain projects call for unique materials. At Resinwerks,  manufacturer a variety of primers, mid and topcoats that can be used interchangeably to achieve different installation and performance goals. 

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All Resinwerks' primers are engineered to provide optimal adhesion. They are also designed to accept a full chip broadcast. Garage floor coatings are top-coated with our high-performance kinetic polyaspartic top-coats. These unique materials are completely UV stable, highly durable, and resistant to a host of common chemicals as well as hot tire pickup.     



Garage Floor Coating Primers: 

In a garage setting, several factors contribute to what material a contractor will use. Does the slab exhibit elevated moisture vapor emission levels? How hot and humid is the installation environment? How large is the floor and what type of finish is the homeowner interested in? What is the installation schedule? These are all questions that will influence the type of primer selected. 

Garage Floor Coating Topcoats: 

Polyaspartic coatings offer several benefits including fast return to service, UV stability and high chemical resistance. The team at Resinwerks has been formulating polyaspartic coating technology for decades and offers three separate types of materials: 

Garage Floor Coating Systems
  Climate Thickness Coverage Dry Time
Kinetic HS 20ºF - 95ºF  8-10 mils DFT 180-150  SF/gal 2 hours, less in hot & humid
Vapor Barrier EP 50ºF - 95ºF 12-mils DFT 130  SF/gal 4-6 hours
Rapid H2O EP 60ºF - 95ºF 6-8 mils DFT 140-110 SF/gal  2-3 hours 
Kinetic 20ºF - 95ºF  6-8 mils DFT 200-130 SF/gal 2 hours; less in hot & humid
Kinetic HS 20ºF - 95ºF  10-12 mils DFT 150-130 SF/gal 2-3 hours; less in hot & humid
Kinetic SS 60ºF - 95ºF  8-10 mils DFT 180-150 SF/gal Hot & humid only, 3-5 hours

imagejpeg_0 2Discounts for Contractors: 

Resinwerks offers competitive manufacturer direct pricing and 50% off for new contractors. Our robust national lead network and comprehensive marketing support platform will provide you with the tools necessary to continue building your business. Please contact us today to get started.


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